Self-Esteem Time Machine

Self-Esteem Time Machine is about a Goldfish that doesn’t think she’s ever good enough. Her friends use a time machine to find the exact moment that she started undervaluing her self-worth. Bouncing between triumph, despair, pride and shame they learn their journey is all about perspective and not a specific moment in time. Once she stopped trying to evaluate each moment and her roll in those moments, she felt a lot better. A huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. Do fish have shoulders?

Not the Baby Carrots!

This is a story about the life and death struggle to stay alive and ahead of a predator that wants to eat you! Carrots are selfish by nature and they live in a “every-carrot-for-himself-world.” The once selfish and desperate carrot turns selfless when he sees the baby carrots are in mortal danger. Not the baby carrots! He surprised himself that some things are worth the risk. Being a hero isn’t winning because you are bigger, it’s about trying when you’re not.

Bad Hare Day

Bad Hare Day is about one rabbit’s terrible day. His day starts by pulling the top off his breakfast. Now the lump or topless carrot is stuck under the cold earth. He’s MAD. FURIOUS. The most acceptable emotion for men and boys is anger. It’s also very accessible emotion. In the end the other animals of the forest have to point out that he’s letting his emotions get the better of him and being so angry isn’t very productive.

Chickens Have No Lips

A chicken is raised by humans. She has her own room and her own spot at the dinner table. She starts to realize something is different about her. She is not like the rest of her family. What is it? If only she could put her finger on it. She goes to the bathroom mirror and she sees it for the first time. How could she have missed something so obvious? She has no lips! The chicken says her sad goodbyes to her human family and goes on a journey to look for others just like her. Creatures without lips! She goes to the four corners of the earth before finally finding a coup of chickens. In the end she realizes chickens are not as smart or sentiment as her family at home. This 64-page bridge graphic novel is about self-discovery and that your home is where your heart is.

One. Tough. Cookie.

This cookie was born tough. Subject of over-baking the cookie did all the things expected from his being so tough. Watched action movies, wore sunglasses indoors and called everyone “brah.” One day he met his match. Being perceived as the toughest cookie around, it was on him to set this other cookie straight. That’s when it happened the cookie broke tough cookie in half exposing a soft interior. This story is about not judging a book by its cover.

Higher, Higher. Again, Again.

Outside of “Higher, Higher” and “Again, Again,” this story is driven by sound effects and unrelenting action. The story stars a bunny with an endless sense for adventure and a surprising disregard of his own safety. A mix of Don Martin and Mo Williams, this story is a fun read along for those who don’t yet know how to read. Imprinting the story as a sound effect driven over-the-top storyboard.

Huck and Hairball

Huck and Hairball are an unlikely duo. The brains of the outfit, the hairball obviously, tries to offer sensible leadership. Of course, the cat being the one that’s more physically capable takes the roll as the actual leader. Huck lives in a house with a single lady and 17 other cats. With such an overused litterbox Huck inadvertently rips a hole in the space time continuum. Hucks meddling in space and time as changed the present. Cats are now human’s number one pet. This is terrible for Huck. Cats are fine with placing second to dogs. Now they have to go to cat parks, go on walks and play fetch. Huck now has to go back in time to save the future.

Not all Unicorns are Magical.

A donkey and unicorn wannabee finds himself envious of all the magical things a unicorn can do. In the end he finds what he can do is much more powerful. In fact, you can say it’s magic.

The Floats

A barnyard mystery has the animals floating. Grandpa sleeps giving cryptic advice for the two grandkids to secure the animals with ropes, so they don’t float away. This is something that evidently happens in farm life. I don’t know, you’ll have to ask grandpa. I mean, if you can wake him.

Happily Ever Giraff-ter.

Title TBD. A funny story of a very negative giraffe. Originally titles Giraffe problems before finding there’s a book with that title. Thankfully the story is different and more along the lines of two opposites. Both not perfect but one with a negative spin and one with a positive spin an neither no better off.

Happy Bear

Happy Bear is always being told what will make him happy. Not getting a moment to ask himself or even contemplate if he started out unhappy. An annoying know-it-all bunny seems to think he knows what’s good for everyone else. In the end and for the bear, happiness is simple.


Hey, dragons’ like pizza too. The problem is, how does delivery work? Is damsel a topping? What if the delivery guy looks better than the Pizza? So many questions. You’ll have to read to find out.